Brandon Adam is an actor, playwright, and librettist from Montreal, Canada. Currently completing his BA in Acting at Pace University, Brandon has performed at the Kansas City Fringe Festival, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, and the Varna Summer Theatre Festival, as well as in shows at Three-Legged Dog and The Hive. Brandon’s plays include "Nice Jewish X" (Theaterlab, Manhattan), "In Rotation" (St. Paul’s Church, Brooklyn), and an upcoming play for Doghouse Ensemble Theatre that will receive its first workshop in the spring of 2019. Brandon wrote the short film “Deer Students” as well as an episode of the audio drama “Jisko Archival Records.” He is currently at work on an original audio drama set in his native Canada. Songs from his musical “Not Quite Extinct” (music and lyrics by Rebecca Murillo) have been performed at Feinstein’s/54 Below. He is a member of the Yes Anderson improv troupe.